Saturday, 7 November 2015

Halloween - My True Form

I love Halloween. I have moments all year round where I plan my Halloween costume. My husband wants to kill me, because in February I'll literally say "What do you think of _______ for a costume this year?" 

This year I had a bit of trouble coming up with inspiration/motivation, because we just did a major move October 1st, so I decided to go easy and be a classic, Elphaba style witch. 

I recently picked up some Kryolan Rubber Mask Grease Paints and a Skin Illustrator palette, so I did a light wash of green on my skin before sponging the Mehron cream paint all over. Then I set it with the NYX pigment and the rest is just regular beauty makeup. 

I found I needed to add in quite a lot of dimension to my face after painting it all flat green. So I did a pretty heavy contour with a mix of my regular NYX Taupe blush and a black eyeshadow. I also did a matte highlight under my eyes and along my nose with a white eyeshadow. For my lips I used the single greatest black liquid lipstick of all time: Lime Crime's Black Velvet.

And of course I couldn't stop there so I went ahead and painted my hands, with just the Mehron cream paint, and set it with the green powder as well. Setting is the key when painting yourself a different colour. Otherwise you'll be all patchy and it will start coming off during the night. 

Can't wait til next year! Already saving ideas for my costume :)

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