Saturday, 7 November 2015

Drugstore Concealer Review - Nars Dupe?

Like nearly everyone who has ever been inside a Sephora, my favourite under eye concealer is the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (I use the shade Chantilly), but sadly, its a little out of my price range at the moment. I've started searching for a drugstore dupe for this glorious product, and so far nothing is exactly like it. But I did find one that comes close: Revlon Age Defying Concealer (I use the shade Light).

On first inspection, I was so so excited, because it is thick and creamy like Nars. I find many drugstore concealers to be WAY too runny, to the point that they barely cover to begin with, and if they do, they are subject to some major creasing. The Revlon one is not like this. It has some MAJOR coverage. That's the whole point of concealer, is it not? Who wants a "sheer coverage" concealer? Thats an oxymoron IMO.

Let's get the elephant out of the room though and talk about the applicator. This thing is garbage. You think its going to be a soft, squishy sponge, but nope, its a weird hard white fuzzy dome thing. It sucks. I don't bother with it, I either use a brush, my finger, or (dirty little secret) my doe foot applicator from my last tube of Nars (WHY OH WHY ISN'T THIS CONCEALER FREE ILOVEITSOMUCH).

So this Revlon concealer glides on beautifully, BUT! It sets like a mofo. Like, so fast. To the point that I literally have to blend out one eye before I even apply it to the other one. However, this turns out to be a good thing later because it does not crease. At all. I've even forgotten to set it with powder before and it still does not crease. As it sets, it kind of seems to tighten a little, and its almost like a mini lift for my puffy under eye. Its magical. 

Its one fault though, might actually be that its too thick. I can't use it on blemishes around my face, because it just cakes up. So I'm now one of those people who needs a different concealer for my face than for my under eye, (high maintenance much?) but still. Its the best thing I've found at the drugstore to hide my bags. 

All in all, is it an exact dupe? No, but it does have some of the same features that I love about the Nars one, and for the price difference (Nars is $36 for 0.22 oz, and Revlon is around $14 for 0.25 oz) it has a home in my daily makeup bag for the time being!

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