Thursday, 15 May 2014

what can shoes do for you?

There is something about new shoes. They just make my day better. That being said, an uncomfortable pair can do just the opposite. Since I often spend entire work days on my feet, I am constantly on the hunt for comfy shoes that don't look like they belong in a senior's home. It can be a struggle! Lucky for us all, TOMS seems to have taken on the challenge.
I currently have 4 pairs of TOMS shoes in my collection. 2 of their classic slip-ons (khaki green & black), the Desert Wedges in Chestnut, and now the Correa Sandals in Burlap (pictured above). I am in love! 

Many fashion sandals bear the dreaded hard plastic soles. I can't speak for everyone, but after just a few hours, my tootsies are aching. But TOMS has incorporated their signature padded insoles even in their sandals! I can wear these for an entire work shift, without crying at the end. That's a big deal! As an added bonus, these ones happen to be vegan as well.

Keep up the good work, TOMS. You continue to be my go-to brand for fashionable, affordable, comfortable work shoes.

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